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Expansion module auxi

auxi enables to increase up to 5 (or multiples with multiple modules) the numbers of programmable inputs(outputs) of the gemino GSM/GPRS Communicators and of the lares intrusion Control Panels.

auxi configuration into the system is very fast, no need to configurate dip-switches or to assign them with relevant addresses: auxi will be automatically acquired by gemino or lares and identified univocally with its serial numbers that you can find impressed on the PCBA label.

Its dimension allow its insertion within a standard box DIN 503 for wall mounting or alternatively into the plastic box “slim” (Ksenia p/n KSI7302000.010) with the possibility to insert up to 2 auxi or even into the metal cabinet (Ksenia p/n KSI7401000.010) as expansion to the stand-alone version of gemino.

How to program

auxi is to be linked to gemino or lares through the serial bus KS-BUS at 4 wires and has 5 terminals which can be configurated as programmable inputs with End-of-line resistors or OC outputs (transistorized) at 500 mA. One of the five terminals can be configurated as analogic input 0-10Vdc (only with lares panels) while one of them as 0-10Vdc analogic output. (only with lares panels).

auxi incorporates a non-volatile memory of the terminal programs which limits to 1000 times the number of re-programmings of the terminals in order to guarantee their correct functioning. The programming of the terminal functions (either input or output) are implemented during the programming of gemino or lares.

Why auxi?

  • because with the same expansion module you can either increase the number of zones of the control panel or increase up to 10 the number of programmable inputs (outputs) of gemino
  • because it is automatically and univocally configurable by means of its serial number: forget about having to adjust dip-switches or assign addresses to them
  • because it is very small and therefore can be installed inside the wall within a standard DIN503 box
  • because all its 5 terminals can be programmed as Open Collector outputs up to 500 mA each
  • because all its 5 terminals can be programmed as inputs with EOL resistors
  • because 1 of its 5 terminals can be programmed as analogic input 0-10Vdc (only for lares control panels)
  • because 1 of its 5 terminals can be programmed as analogic ouput 0-10Vdc (only for lares control panels)

auxi dettaglio



  • Europa CE

Technical data

  • Voltage: 13,8Vdc
  • Current consumption: 20mA (excluding terminal P and outputs)
  • 1 analogic input 0 – 10Vdc
  • up to 5 alarm inputs with programmable EOL
  • 1 analogic output 0 – 10Vdc, 20mA
  • up to 5 Open Collector outputs of 500mA each
  • Power terminal 1,5A protected by a self-restorable thermal fuse
  • PCBA dimension: mm 75 x 45 x 20

Parts included

  • 1 PCBA modul KSI2300000.300
  • 4 sustainers for metal cabinet’s mounting
  • 1 Installation Manual in ITA/EN

How to order

  • KSI2300000.300
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